About Delvv


Delvv is building the next generation of smartphone intelligence apps. Founded in 2013, Delvv brings together a team of top internet and consumer products pros with the goal of reinventing the way people discover information on their smartphones.

Delvv uses machine learning to collect, analyze and predict the most relevant information for our users when and where they need it. Our discovery engine technology uncovers what you love, and the things you didn’t even think to look for.

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Our Vision


The Internet was created to provide a web of useful information that could be easily accessed by people around the world. Smartphones made connecting to this information even faster.

However, the usefulness of the Internet has given way to a seemingly endless stream of irrelevant content delivered daily right into the palms of our hands. Information overload has become endemic in our digital world.

At Delvv, our mission is to reduce this flow of information to manageable proportions, enabling users to focus on what’s most important to them. We aim to become a leader in the smartphone intelligence space, with mobile apps that help you maximize the utility of the powerful computer you carry in your pocket, while engaging and entertaining with personalized content.